2014 Spring Fest Concert & Auction
A Wonderful Success!

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”  Mitch Albom

On April 27, as the Emmaus Homeless Shelter held its 9th Annual Spring Fest Concert and Auction and the above quote certainly became evident as we were able to raise an unbelievable amount of $75,500.   The success of this year’s Spring Fest is certainly due to the 63 volunteers who donated their time, the 200 who attended and the 151 auction items that were donated.  

For the third year, the wonderful volunteers of Simmering Pot Soup Kitchen of Blue Hill created an appealing meal to go along with our Caribbean theme to complement the beautiful table décor donated by Wallace Tent and table decorations created by Blossom Kravitz.  Lynda Kane and Nancy Eddy with great precision orchestrated the timing of the kitchen and provided our guests with delicious appetizers and desserts.  The meal was topped off by a variety of appealing Morton Moo ice cream and pastries. 

Throughout the event, our capacity audience of 200 was entertained by the “Craggy Islanders” - Gus La Casse, Chuck Whitney and Chris Gray.  This newly formed group shares a love of weaving together melodies and harmonies with the rhythms and variations of traditional music. The group enlivens Celtic and other traditional music genres with a high-spirited blend of pipes, whistles and flutes, fiddle and percussion.

I am very grateful for the continual dedication of Bill and Eileen Mulliken who worked with me in acquiring the 151 wonderful and exciting Silent and Live Auction items from our generous local individuals and businesses.  The proficiency of the auction committee and the Bangor Savings Bank allowed the final tallying to move quickly. 

The words of Mahatma Gandhi, "Generosity consists not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed,” speak of the kindness and compassion of all those who support the efforts of the homeless shelter.  This annual collaborative “community” fundraiser is a success only because of all those mentioned above and the many churches, organizations, businesses and individuals who sold our tickets. 

Some of the monies generated from this fundraiser will allow us rehab the shelter’s handicapped bathroom and purchase/install a generator that will prepare us for the 2014-15 winter weather!  We work hard to keep the Emmaus Homeless Shelter a safe “home away from home” for individuals and families and those in our local area who find themselves in need of a helping hand.

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Sister Lucille MacDonald, Director


Spring Fest Poster
  • Spring Fest Poster
    Spring Fest Poster
  • Bangor Savings Bank Volunteers
    Bangor Savings Bank Volunteers
  • Craggy Islanders with Sr. Lucille on the spoons
    Craggy Islanders with Sr. Lucille on the spoons
  • Grace Poulin, Sr. Lucille and Phyllis Harmon
    Grace Poulin, Sr. Lucille and Phyllis Harmon
  • Guests
  • Lynda, John and Nancy - kitchen supervisors
    Lynda, John and Nancy - kitchen supervisors
  • Maureen and Matt Murphy
    Maureen and Matt Murphy
  • Simmering Pot Staff
    Simmering Pot Staff

Spring Fest Poster