Who We Are

The Emmaus Homeless Shelter is a 25 bed facility which can accommodate four families, six single women, and five single men, ages 18 and up. The Emmaus Shelter opened its doors to its first guests on February 25, 1992. The Shelter operates (24) twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Emmaus Homeless Shelter exists to provide a safe and comfortable environment for homeless men, women and families in need of temporary shelter who are willing to work towards ending their homelessness. We are committed to helping the poor in our local communities by offering a wide range of services and referrals to anyone in need.

Vision Statement
It is the vision of the Emmaus Homeless Shelter to be a leading partner in insuring that no individual and family in the Hancock-Washington area ever have to spend a night on the streets or in the woods because he or she cannot find or afford safe housing. We believe in the principle that safe, affordable housing is a fundamental human right and our primary aim is to offer a stabilizing base and support for homeless men and women as they transition back into the community. Our concern is for both emergency care and the development of affordable housing for all.